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About Us

  • Founded in 1999, Trust Insurance Brokers (TIB) is an independent insurance broker and one of the first in Saudi Arabia to have received SAMA (Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency) licensing under the new cooperative insurance laws and regulations of 2008.

    Currently TIB manages a large reputable client base across various industries with a substantial collective insurance portfolio. Trust Insurance conducts business with all the leading insurance companies in Saudi Arabia, and operates through offices in both Jeddah and Riyadh. Our goal is to expand our presence throughout the kingdom with plans currently underway to open additional offices across various locations in the near future.

    TIB employs 30 professionally qualified insurance personnel who provide our clients with the required expertise and knowledge to support them in making informed decisions on comprehensive insurance solutions that best meet their organizational needs.

    At Trust Insurance Brokers, we strive to deliver the highest levels of customer service and product excellence. We pride ourselves on having a solid track record in delivering value to our clients throughout Saudi Arabia. Not only do we save our clients money, but we also help them in making better and faster decisions about their insurance requirements due to our in-depth product knowledge, customized insurance programs, strong affiliations with all leading insurance companies within KSA, and experience in negotiating with the local insurance community.


    Trust Insurance Brokers was founded in 1999 as an independent insurance broker and was one of the first in Saudi Arabia to have received SAMA licensing under the new cooperative insurance laws and regulations of 2008. TIB headquarters is based in Jeddah, and also operates through an office in Riyadh.

    The founder of TIB, Mr. Tamer Asaad boasts 16 years of experience within the Saudi Insurance Industry. After completing his Masters degree in Healthcare administration from the University of Southern California, Tamer Asaad returned to Saudi Arabia with the ambition of contributing to the insurance and healthcare industry in Saudi. He began his career by managing insurance business development at local hospitals, and quickly realized the rapid growth of the Saudi insurance market within the health sector. Executives and decision makers at companies across the market did not have the necessary resources to invest in handling medical insurance matters and were seeking the expertise of others to assist them with their insurance needs. Along with his personal assistant, he started off his company out of a small office located in Jeddah to address this need. They soon began expanding operations into various insurance business lines beyond the medical segment, and attracted customers across different industries. Today, Trust Insurance Brokers proudly employs 30 insurance personnel who are dedicated to achieving the highest levels of customer service by offering a wide variety of insurance products across a very diverse range of corporate clients.

    Since its establishment, there have been numerous milestones that have been achieved by TIB over the years:

    • Our client base has grown from xxx to xxx within the past 5 years.
    • Our company portfolio has increased by xxx% over the past 5 years.
    • TIB expanded operations by opening an office in Riyadh in 2003.

    Market Overview

    • Recent Insurance regulations propelled the overall growth in the insurance sector, for one the introduction of the mandatory Cooperative Health Insurance on all expatriates effective July 1, 2006 (Royal decree no. 9/10 dated 01/05/1420 H), And second, the introduction of the mandatory Third Party Cooperative Motor Insurance Policy that followed RUKHSA Insurance.

    • The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) has announced that as of 17/2/2010, the insurance companies that are allowed to conduct insurance business in the kingdom by issuing and renewing insurance policies are only those insurance companies that have obtained the authorization from SAMA to do so. Consequently, all foreign insurance companies that used to operate in the Kingdom through local agents have been stopped from issuing and renewing policies.

    • As of November 2012, there are 33 SAMA Licensed insurance companies operating in the Saudi market, 64 licensed insurance brokers, 69 insurance agencies, and 7 certified insurance consulting firms.

    • According to The Saudi Insurance Market Survey Report published by SAMA, Gross written premiums in 2012 reached SAR 21.2 Billion, up from SAR 18.5 Billion in 2011. This represents an increase of 14.4%, compared to 12.8% in 2011.

    • Strong growth in Health insurance is apparent with written premiums of SAR 11.3 Billion in 2012 compared to SAR 9.7 Billion in 2011, an increase of 16.2%. Health insurance in 2012 represented 53% of total insurance market. Motor insurance is second with gross written premiums of SAR 4.7 Billion in 2012 compared to SAR 3.9 Billion in 2011.

    Distribution by Insurance Line

    Source: The Saudi Insurance Market Survey Report by SAMA During 2012

    Key Figures

    Our goal at TIB is to ensure the swift handling of claims and to apply all means necessary to guarantee the best possible results for our clients. Here are some examples of claims in excess of SAR 100K which have been settled by TIB on behalf of our clients.

    Claims handled (in excess of SR 100K):

  • The Saudi market is a highly dynamic and well diversified market and is considered one of the leading economies in the Middle East Region.

    The insurance industry is a key sector in any developed economy and because of that the Saudi Government has provided it with significant support by drafting and implementing the new Cooperative Insurance Act under the supervision of The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA). In addition, several other regulations were drafted to propel the industry’s growth such as the introduction of the Mandatory Cooperative Health Insurance Law and the Mandatory Third Party Cooperative Motor Insurance Liability policy.

    We at Trust Insurance Brokers (TIB) are excited about the speedy development in the Saudi Insurance market and are well positioned to be one of the leaders in this industry through our affiliation and strong relations with key insurance suppliers and our dedicated professional staff.


    Masters of Health Administration, University of Southern California (USC).
    Currently completing doctoral studies in business administration at the renowned Grenoble School of Management.
    Vice Chairman of the Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers Committee.
    17 years of insurance experience; 14 years with Trust Insurance Brokers.
    Technical in all insurance lines.
    Ahmed Asaad
    Partner and Deputy General Manager
    Bachelors in Business Retail Management, University of South Carolina.
    14 Years of insurance experience; 12 years with Trust Insurance Brokers.
    Technical in Medical, Motor, Marine, Property & Casualty,
    and Engineering Insurance .

  • Our Mission

    To provide the highest level of insurance brokerage services across the Kingdom, and to contribute to insurance awareness and development within the local community.

    Our Vision

    To become the leading Insurance Brokerage firm in the Kingdom by leveraging our strong relationships with our clients and affiliates, expanding our operations and our reach throughout the country, and continuously developing our product and service offerings and support capabilities.

    Our Values

    Relationships: Building long lasting relationships with our clients based on mutual respect and TRUST.
    Integrity: Cultivating a culture of integrity by ensuring the highest levels of product excellence and service quality.
    Reliability: Developing strong and reliable relations with insurance providers, while also maintaining the necessary levels of neutrality.
    Service Excellence: Providing promptness, sensitivity and precision when responding to client needs.
    Leadership: Maintaining a clear vision of what we want to achieve and focusing our resources to attain our company objectives and strategies.
    Social Responsibility: Contributing to the local community by increasing awareness on the insurance sector in Saudi Arabia and creating a learning environment for young Saudi talents who join the TRUST team.

  • Reasons to Choose Trust Insurance Brokers

    At Trust Insurance Brokers, we acknowledge that our customers do not have the luxury of time and resources to meet and negotiate with multiple insurance companies at different levels for different products. Therefore at TIB we guarantee to handle the relationship with the insurance companies on our client’s behalf in order to provide them with the most appropriate coverage, competitive pricing, and quality claims service.

    As part of our commitment to provide our clients with the best possible service, TIB offers the following benefits via our dedicated and highly experienced team of professionals:

    TIB works diligently to provide customized insurance programs that best meet the client’s individual needs.
    In terms of Health Insurance, TIB has direct links with numerous key medical providers across the Kingdom enabling us to swiftly resolve any service related issues on behalf of our clients.
    TIB assigns a dedicated “Account Executive? for each new client to handle their day to day requests professionally and promptly. Your account executive serves as your primary contact while other team members are dedicated to specific support duties.
    TIB sets up educational seminars to highlight policy benefits and coverage and provide answers to common issues and problems.
    In Health, Marine, and in Motor Insurance TIB conducts regular claims review and highlights practical solutions to reduce unnecessary claims, resulting in better policy outcomes and ensuring confirmation of schemes.
    In partnership with our valued insurance partners, TIB conducts regular site visits to key client locations evaluating probable risks and hazardous situations and providing practical recommendations to reduce risks and ensure proper claim settlement in case an accident occurs.
    In Health Insurance, a quarterly review is conducted with key Hospitals around the Kingdom to evaluate the service quality of the major Health Insurance providers. Twenty key performance indicators are used during the evaluation process.
    In Health Insurance, TIB conducts surveys with clients evaluating their satisfaction level with their insurance coverage and focusing on problem areas to resolve. The survey focuses on the following five aspects:

    • Pre-authorization requirements
    • Cash claims reimbursement process
    • Response time to inquiries and problems
    • Provider network satisfaction
    • Understanding of policy conditions and exclusions

  • We at TRUST are proud to be conducting business with all the leading insurance firms within Saudi Arabia, with a total of 24 affiliations within the national insurance community, some of which include the following:

  • We at TRUST are proud to boast a diverse client base with a total of 167 corporate clients across a wide range of industries, some of which include the following:

  • “We would like to thank all TRUST Insurance Consulting management and staff for their dedication in delivering quality services in Medical and General Insurance to our mutual clients. Throughout the years, Trust Insurance consulting demonstrated professional attitude and continuous improvement in its service delivery. We wish Trust Insurance Consulting the best of luck and look forward to continuing our prosperous business relationship.?

    Omar Bilani
    General Manager
    Saudi National Insurance Company EC

    “We are pleased to express our appreciation of the services provided by your organization to our company during the last couple of years in your capacity as medical insurance brokers and we would specially note Dr. Najlaa Bahrawi, Medical Client Relations Manager, whose efficient and sincere assistance has served us a great deal.?

    Joseph P. Mathew
    Regional Insurance Officer
    Saudi Archirodon Ltd.

    “This is to certify that Trust Insurance Consultants has been referring business to our company for many years now and is considered by us to be one of the best brokers in the Kingdom with enough know-how, professionalism, and financial strength to provide our mutual clients with quality advice coupled with dynamic and ethical service in all lines of insurance.

    In view of the above, we express our delight to keep teaming up with TIC in the future to provide quality service and security in the Saudi market.?

    Wadih Baroudy
    Acting General Manager
    The Mediterranean and Gulf Insurance & Reinsurance Company

    “We would like to thank all employees of Trust Insurance Brokers for their hard work, dedication and their excellent and superior services. Also we look forward to working with your company further and further.?

    Monther Alharthi
    General Manager
    Al Rabie Saudi Foods Co.

    “Middle East Airlines would like to thank Trust Insurance through its dedicated personnel for the continued support and assistance it has been extending to all of its employees in Riyadh. Middle East Airlines and its entire staff along with their dependants do really appreciate the kind of service you have been giving them by providing them with a sense of security and peace of mind. In this regard, we would like to thank Trust Insurance once again for their dedication, special services, and medical guidance for MEA employees.?

    Mokdad A. Mokdad
    Manager – Riyadh & Central Region
    Middle East Airlines

    "يطيب لنا أن نعرب عن تقديرنا لما لمسناه من خدمات متميزة من قبل السادة موظ?ي شركة الثقة لوساطة التأمين لما يقدمونه لنا دوماً من مساعدات جاوزت كل حد بمدنا بالاستشارات اللازمة، وتنويرنا بكا?ة المستجدات ?ي مجال التأمين مما جعلنا ن?ضل التعامل عبر وسطاء التأمين بدلاً من شركات التأمين مباشرةً حيث وجدنا منهم كل العناية والمتابعة، ونرى لزاماً علينا أن نعبر عن خالص تقديرنا وعظيم امتناننا لهم".

    سائد حامد الهندي
    المدير التن?يذي
    شركة سمير لمعدات التصوير المحدودة

    "إنه من دواعي سرورنا أن نتقدم لكم بوا?ر الشكر والتقدير على الجهود التي تبذلونها مع منسوبي شركتنا والتي تعكس سمو أخلاقكم ونقاء معدنكم وحرصكم على المحا?ظة على عملاء شركتكم الموقرة وغرس صورة مشر?ة عنها لدى كا?ة أطيا? المجتمع والتي هي من مميزات الموظ? المثالي الذي يعمل بكل جد وإخلاص وإنتماء لمؤسسته".

    إدارة الموارد البشرية
    شركة الخبير المالية

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