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News & Events >> Health insurance must for expatriate families

Source: Arab News Jeddah | 04 Sep 2014

The Health Insurance Council will make health insurance for families of foreigners in the Kingdom compulsory by connecting the insurance with the residency visa of all family members.

Naif Al-Reefi, official spokesman for the council, said that the general secretariat of the Health Insurance Council has coordinated e-linkage with relevant authorities to strengthen the implementation mechanism which started at the beginning of September.

He pointed out those business owners who didn't pay the cooperative health insurance fees on behalf of their workers would be obliged to pay all fees due in addition to paying a fine.

On the other hand, if the cooperative insurance company violated one of its obligations, it would be bound to meet the obligation and compensate for any ensuing damages, in addition to a fine of up to SR 5,000 for each individual included in the document.

Al-Reefi said health insurance for residents' families is stipulated in the basic health insurance system, which will be enforced on all companies working in health insurance which number 28.

The number of participants in these companies stands at 9.7 million people, 2.7 million of whom are Saudis working in the private sector. The total volume of their complaints last year reached 1,600 of which 85 percent were against insurance companies; 12 percent against business owners; 22 percent against service providers and 1 percent in other fields.

The official spokesman said the Insurance Council had set another date to implement the cooperative health insurance system at the end of June 2015.

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