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Claim Checklist


Outpatient Claim

- Claim form.
- Detailed Medical report.
- Original invoice (Itamized).
- All outpatient services (such as X-ray, CT Scan, and lab results).
- Original payment receipt.
- Medical prescription by treating doctor.

Dental Claim

- Claim form.
- Original invoice (Itamized).
- Type of service (such as filling, surgical extraction...etc), must include tooth number.
- Medical report.
- Original payment receipt.
- Medical prescription by treating doctor. (If medicine is given)

Optical Claim

- Claim form.
- Original Invoice (Itamized), the cost of frames and lenses should be indicated separately.
- Refraction test stamped by ophthalmologist.
- Original payment receipt.

Inpatient Claim

- Claim form
- Discharge report (highlighting reason for admission & course of treatment).
- Original invoice (Itamized).
- All in patient services (such as X-ray, CT Scan and Lab results) during admission.
- Original Payment Receipt

Motor (Comprehensive Cover):

- Completed Insurer Claim Form, signed and dated.
- Police report from the Traffic Department or NAJEM Insurance Services.
- Copy of vehicle registration
- Copy of driver valid driver's license
- Copy of national ID or residency permit


- Incident notification of loss/damages
- Police Report \ Traffic Authorities Report\ Civil Defense Report (if applicable)
- Policy Number
- Original invoices of material/items
- Any additional documents needed by surveyor and/or Loss adjuster.


- Incident notification
- Copy of Insurance Certificate
- Original Bill of Lading
- Copy of Commercial Invoice(s) and Packing List
- Shortage /damaged Certificate from Port Authorities
- Letter of reserve and replies with parties responsible


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