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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why use an insurance broker?

As an Insurance Broker
• We have the distinct advantage of being able to help our clients understand insurance.
• Determine the insurance options that are the best for our clients.
• Help clients to determine the amount of coverage they need.
• Help clients to set up long term insurance.

These are things that clients may not think of or may not have the ability or time to calculate on their own. The reality is that the majority of people will need to insure something in their lifetime.

In order for people to get the insurance coverage they need, they must deal with an insurance institution. This may be a very daunting prospect to many people who do not have the first idea of where to begin. This is where the insurance broker comes in.

a) Questions related to the added value that TIB offers (why TIB)?

What is the advantage of buying insurance through Brokers.
Does dealing with insurance brokers mean paying additional premium.
What are the main services provided by TIB.

b) Questions related to coverage/products & services.

What does medical insurance cover.
What are the cover options under motor insurance.

c) Questions related to claims settlements.

Am I allowed to carry medical non-emergency services at my home country and get reimbursed.
What do I do when I have a road traffic accident.

d) Questions related to laws and regulations.

As an employer do I have to insure all Saudi staff under medical insurance.
Am I responsible for insuring dependents of my non Saudi staff under medical insurance.

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